Past Production

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me (1996)

“ A stunning piece of theatre”  – THE COURIER MAIL

Frank McGuinness’s acclaimed play found a perfect venue in the “old” and intimate La Boite Theatre space at Hale Street in Brisbane.  Directed by Lewis Jones, the play was a confronting, moving, and profound exploration of the world of three prisoners held captive in a cell in Beirut (based on the experiences of Brian Keenan and Terry Waite, kidnapped in the 1980s); and yet, with its premise resembling the opening of an iconic joke –  “an Irishman, and Englishman and an American are tied up in this cell” – its gallows humour is the key to its heart, honouring the spirit of the three men in their attempts to survive an appalling incarceration. Inspired by Keenan’s own account, An Evil Cradling, McGuinness’s play’s triumph is to celebrate the liberating effects of the human imagination over adversity; the very theatricality of the prisoners’ interactions reflect the power of theatre in our own apparently free lives. The production was an instant hit, and picked up Matilda Awards for Lewis Jones, Michael Futcher, and Charles Barry.

Production Details

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me was first performed by Matrix Theatre at La Boite Theatre, Hale St, Brisbane, April 3-20th, 1996.


Charles Barry: Michael
Michael Futcher: Edward
Rand Hennessy: Adam

Frank McGuinness

Lewis Jones

Danijela Tasic

Kate Stewart

Tony MacDonald

Sonya Bohlen

Helen Dwyer

Chris Patrick

Barbara Lowing




Matrix Theatre does the play proud in a nuanced and moving production with strong performances.”
– The Australian



Funny and sad in equal parts…the three performances are among the best you will see on a Brisbane stage all year…a wonderful show done with great sensitivity and humour. See it.”  
– The Courier Mail



Heart-breaking, beautiful, riotous, stirring, warm…see the play – it’s way too good to miss.”

 Time Off Magazine



Matrix Theatre Company has splendidly caught the humanity at the heart of Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me. Directed with intelligence and insight by Lewis Jones, three actors totally involve us in their characters’ journey through terror, emotional pain and near despair…an inspiring production…a roller-coaster of comic heights and poignant depths.”
 City News



A masterpiece of writing and each part is masterfully acted…This is the best of theatre and should not be missed.”
–  Westside News.



Lewis Jones has taken an insightful work, combined it with prodigious acting talent and come up with contemporary theatre at its best…completely absorbing.”  
 Scene Magazine