Past Production


HANEEF by Michael Futcher

CAST: L-R Andrew Buchanan, Rowan Chapman, Liz Buchanan, Steven Rooke, Shannon Haegler, Michael Futcher, Terri Brabon, Chris Sommers, Brendan O’Connor

Creative Development readings of “Haneef” performed at: TheatreiNQ, 1/11/2019; the Merivale Studio, 6th December, 2019; Zoom reading for QT April 2020.

THE PLAY June 30th, 2007. A jeep packed with gas bottles and fuel canisters is driven into the main terminal of Glasgow Airport and explodes into flames. It is a terrorist attack. There is panic and injury. Two Indian nationals are arrested. Two days later, at Brisbane Airport, a Gold Coast doctor, Mohamed Haneef, is arrested by the Australian Federal Police while attempting to board a Singapore Airlines flight to India.  Apparently his SIM card was found at the scene of the attack in Glasgow and he is now a major suspect in assisting terrorism. Haneef tells the story of the heroic efforts of Haneef and his legal team to fight the might of the Australian government and the AFP to get justice in the face of overwhelming odds.